While sparse, more details have been revealed regarding the new AMD 4x4 platform, AMD's late answer to Intel's Quad core offerings. An ASUS model in particular, there are some images and specs up for the soon to be released L1N64-SLI WS, which comes stock with dual Nvidia nForce 680a MCPs, one for each of the two 1207-contact LGA sockets. Like other 4x4 offerings, it'll also sport a whopping 12 SATA II connectors, and will include a legacy PATA adapter for compatibility.

It comes with one of the relatively unused eSata connectors on the back, and has four full x16 PCI Express graphic slots, leaving you plenty of room to make this board even beefier. Dual gigabit NICs are offered, and will include an as of yet unnamed onboard audio chipset. The board itself is massive, and as such will only fit in cases accommodating the eATX form factor.