Toshiba presented today the world's first 8GB speed class 4 SDHC memory card. Although it is not hard to infer that 'HC' stands for high capacity, if you are wondering what the real difference is, a Secure Digital memory card is considered HC when it is able to store at least 4GB of data. This card also meets the speed class 4 standard of a minimum transfer rate of 4MB per second, although the specifications sheet from Toshiba state a maximum transfer speed of 6MB.

"The SDHC (SD High Capacity) Memory Card is based on the SD Card Association's SD Specifications Ver2.00, which defines high capacity, high performance enhancements to market-leading SD Memory Cards. Toshiba is first in the industry to announce the launch of Class 4 8GB SDHC memory card."

SD cards have come a long way with the overall prices of this type of memory having dropped significantly over the past year and a half, their transfer speeds have increased and storage capacity grown exponentially.