Nobody really expected the Zune to make waves - but is it even making a splash? While it comes with every feature you'd expected from an mp3 player, many are finding it to be nothing more than an oversized iPod with just as many annoyances. It seems so far that the launch of the Zune has been a flop. But why? The short review goes only into minor details about what many other reviews have been telling. From the insane hardware requirements (imposed by the PC software), browser locking, incompatibilities with existing MS Software, the awkward marketplace and many other reasons, it just seems the launch was poorly planned. Pretty, yes. But flawed:

As we know, the aesthetics of the player are but one component of the equation of the total portable music player experience. There is also the software, the music store, compatibility and usability. It is these latter things that are fuelling the annoyance of potential Zune users.
Gripes included the limited WiFi functionality that does not allowed you to sync with a PC, the Zune marketplace insisting on a $5 minimum purchase, the awkward points system and others.

Luckily for Microsoft, almost all of the things are simple. Things that could be easily fixed - should they choose to. Most of them are correctable with a simple firmware update or revision to their software. Will they take action?