Could it be? Good news for Sony? Despite their substantial losses in their games division and losses from their battery recalls, Sony, along with HP, were able post huge gains in the notebook market over the Thanksgiving holiday. While the increase in sales overall for notebooks wasn't as high as last, it was still impressive:

Overall growth was not as strong as last year, but notebook PC sales grew by 51.6 percent from last year's sales, said Samir Bhavnani, an analyst with Current Analysis. Desktop sales fell by 7.2 percent, another sign that with the performance gains in notebooks over the past three or four years, the desktop PC has lost the mainstream consumer, he said.
One of the reasons Sony competed so well was their lower than average pricing, with some notebooks being sold cheaper than the PS3. Aside from HP, other manufacturers saw only minor gains, which is one of the very few things that has gone right for Sony this year.