The CEO's of large IT companies are always interesting to hear from. While occasionally we do get the very dull, no-fun types, many are very colorful. After all, we all know Steve Balmer has led to countless hours of amusement. In a FORTUNE interview, Bill Watkins, CEO of Seagate, had some very interesting things to say. On top of slamming Dell's late focus on the consumer, he even talks about mistakes his own company has made, the Blu-ray/HD-DVD war, sports and much more. It's a very tongue-and-cheek interview, and well worth the read. His reaction to the wane of magazines and newspapers in favor of Internet and live feeds was quite humorous:

The media: "People worry that newspapers are going out of business. So what? It's the content that's important. No one gives a s**t about the delivery mechanism. Think about mail. You had the pony express, truck delivery, airmail, email. You don't care how it gets to you. I read more now than I ever did, but I get it off my PC. I don't need to go down to the end of the driveway and pick up the newspaper. It's the content that's most important."
It's definitely worth a look. Check it out over at CNN.