Symantec business customers are facing huge headaches recently, with the addition of Veritas proving to be trickier than estimated. It seems that a level of confusion and miscommunication has set in, due in part to a new management platform, that is leaving many businesses without virus protection. Or, at least, without up to date protection. When trying to acquire new licenses for updated software, companies are getting more than just a temporary runaround. They're even being pushed back beyond the 60 day grace period that Symantec corporate products give you:

PCWB was keen to stress that it is a Symantec problem and is affecting customers of other resellers too. It also noted that Symantec does offer a 60 day grace period, which is being "widely used". "Nine out of 10 customers get their renewals within the 60 days, but there are some who don't," he told us. These customers are left without up to date virus protections.
A delay of a week? Understandable. A delay of multiple months? That probably doesn't sit well with system administrators who are responsible for making sure their networks are up to date. Symantec's response wasn't much more than a sorry. The problem isn't with the products themselves, merely with the validation and distribution of licenses. No word is mentioned on how many business are affected, nor when Symantec plans to have things fixed.