Once again CPU manufacturer AMD is cutting its prices. This time the company is offering instant rebates hoping to drive up sales of their chips during the holiday season. According to The Inquirer, AMD has set different dates for the rebates to become effective. First it will be the Semprons, then the Athlons and finally the Opterons. All instant rebates will end December 31, after which prices will go back to normal.

“The 754 pin S3000+ will cost $44 from $50, the S3200+ AM2 will cost $56 from $66 and fall to $51 on the 22nd of January 2007. Other AM2 chips affected are the 3800+ down to $138 from $152, the X2 4200+ and EE down from $186 to $173 and the X2 4600+ down to $215 from $240. The X2 5000+ drops from $300 to $285, along with the EE version, while X2 5200+ drop from $403 to $296.”
Price cuts range from $10 to $20 except for the Athlon 64 X2 5200+ which will get a $100+ cut.