Bumbling about like a giant that has stubbed its toe, many have been amused by the antics and reactions of Sony this year. Scandals, troubled launches, production problems, manufacturing woes at every turn... it's been a rough year. While they are certainly no stranger to trying to put a positive spin on things (and who could blame them?), it isn't often that them or any large company apologizes for it. Sony President Ryoji Chubachi today came out to apologize for some of the companies mistakes, most noticeably the slow reaction to the costly battery recall:

"The company should have investigated the cause of the battery problem more quickly. The worries over the batteries spread as a result," said Chubachi to the Mainichi Shimbun.
As it stands, there are still many people with defective units in the mail, waiting for their replacement parts. He later mentioned that the the pressures of meeting a larger capacity battery standard along with development of the PS3 were things that furthered the trouble.