Silicon Integrated Systems recently presented their new SiS671 and SiS771 series chipsets for Intel and AMD platforms, respectively. There will be three new chipsets for Intel platforms, the SiS671, SiS671FX, and SiS671DX and one for the AMD platform, the SiS771. All of these will come embedded with the Mirage 3 graphics engine, except for the SiS671DX chipset which will support an additional graphics card.

“Compared to Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista is more efficient on power management. SiS Mirage3 graphics engine has been integrated into all of the SiS’s Windows Vista ready chipsets. It adopts “Smart Dynamic Clock Gating” technology to flexibly adjust the clock frequency in the 2D and 3D conditions. Less graphics workload results in lower clock frequency, so that which is able to reduce much more power-consumption.”

Windows Vista is a power hungry app, no matter what Microsoft and other companies like to say, so the “Smart Dynamic Clock Gating” technology is a real plus. I would definitely like to see how these chipsets perform in the real world.