Flying Wii controls? Recent complaints over the damage flying Wii controllers have caused have popped up all over the web. There’s even a website dedicated to them that records accidents involving Wii controllers. It seems people are getting carried away with the physical movements required in some of the games which cause wrist straps to break.

Last week, Nintendo America chief Reggie Fils-Aime told Reuters that many gamers were using big, sweeping motions where smaller ones would do. "We literally have consumers letting go of the remote like you do a bowling ball. You can't do that!" Fils-Aime said of a bowling game in its "Wii Sports" title.
Nintendo’s response to the incidents is that players should hold on to the controller, avoid excessive movements during gameplay, if your hands become moist, stop to dry them, use the wrist strap and whatever you do, don’t let go.