A few more details regarding nVidia's potential to become the premier “value-oriented” chipset supplier for Intel chips has been released. With the eventual termination of the deal between Intel and ATI/AMD, and the relative high cost of most Intel chipsets, there's plenty of room for companies like nVidia and VIA to offer their own products. With the tried and true nForce already having won many over, the leaked specs of these new chipsets is nothing to shrug at:

While the MCP73 is said to be fabbed at 80nm - the same process ATI was recently claimed to be using for its RS690 Intel-oriented chipset - its successor, the MCP79, is claimed to be in line for 55nm production. Less is known about the MCP79, but it's said to contain a GeForce 8-class GPU to allow it to support DirectX 10. It too will host HDMI ports and HD resolutions of up to 1080i. It will connect to the CPU over a 1,333MHz FSB, the report claims.
On top of being coupled with IGP, it'll primarily be aimed at either notebooks or workstations, and the entire series is said to support 667MHz DDR-2. The newer of these chipsets aren't geared for release anytime soon, not even yet being officially announced. On the other hand, the MCP73 is supposedly going to ship in quantity early 2007, and the MCP79 at the end of 2007.