If you're lucky enough to own a new nVidia 680i SLI based motherboard, you may one of the few who have been plagued by a bad SATA problem that resulted in various disk issues, including lock ups and data corruption. Thanks in part to active forums, nVidia learned about the problem very quickly and is working with one of their biggest vendors to fix it. They now say they may have done it:

“Together with EVGA we are testing a new BIOS that fixes the SATA issue that some readers were experiencing. In the meantime, we are releasing a beta version for you to use. If you feel that your BIOS needs to be updated, we will be posting a link to download the new BIOS and instructions how to flash your motherboard,” Mr. Darwin said.
While they are warning about using a beta BIOS, they are making it available to those who wish to try it. Then again, if you are having this problem, odds are your system is not working that great to begin with and a BIOS can't hurt. It's currently available for download, and should only effect 680i SLI motherboards.