BBC is one of the few traditional media companies that has pioneered the use and distribution of their content through the Internet. Until now however most of this content traveling through P2P networks was illegal. BBC wants to change that and make it viable for people from around the world have access to their programming.

A recent deal with P2P firm Azureus, widely known for their BitTorrent-based distribution client, will allow for hundred of episodes of BBC programs to be available on the file-sharing network. BBC will be using Azureus' recently launched service "Zudeo", which works similarly to YouTube in that it let's users upload videos, comment and share content on blogs. Two main differences are however that Zudeo offers high-definition video content, and also it requires you to install its software on your computer for accessing content.

The new deal means that users of the software will be able to download high-quality versions of BBC programmes, including Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and the League of Gentleman. Classic series such as Fawlty Towers will also be available through a BBC "channel".

The titles will be protected by digital rights management software to prevent the programmes being traded illegally on the internet.