While the legal issues between Creative and Apple are probably not permanently at rest, for the moment they are being amicable with Apple and are now preparing to roll out a "Made for iPod" accessory. A wireless audio processing unit, the "Xdock Wireless" both enhances sound it receives from an iPod and can broadcast it wirelessly to X-Fi wireless receivers. While it doesn't require an existing wireless network, it still relies on 2.4GHz, and supposedly has enough transmit power to clearly push audio up to 100ft away, depending on what is in the way.

It comes with a host of features, though for the price ($200 for the station and $100 for the receivers) it should. It includes S-Video video out, DTS surround sound support and more. It is quite interesting that Creative is making iPod accessories, especially since Creative is in direct competition with the iPod in its Zen line.