Despite numerous angry stories and an apparent press releases claiming otherwise, it seems that a recent story regarding Sony winning an emmy for their Sixaxis controller was false. While Sony did indeed recently win an award for one of their controller designs, it turns out that it is not the PS3 controller, but in fact their Dual Shock controller. The word came from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:

This is incorrect, Sony won for their dual shock analog controller. The award is from the Video Game Technology Group. It was nominated by our internal group and considered along with the Nintendo D-Pad both of which were considered Emmy worthy for the development of the generation of controllers that followed the classic joysticks.
So Sony releases a press release with incorrect info and then it spreads quickly from there. Either way, it's a confusing situation. Due to the timelines involved, there's no reason that the Sixaxis or even the Wiimote won't go up for awards in the future. It'll be interesting to see if Sony revises the press release.