The iPhone isn't the only label Apple seems to have snagged from another company. They're now coming under fire for their use of the name Visual Voicemail, which they apparently have lifted from Citrix, one of the biggest companies behind virtual desktops. Visual Voicemail is a product Citrix has been selling for several years, and now is also a program on the iPhone:

Earlier this week, Apple bragged about teaming with Cingular on its Visual Voicemail software that runs on the iPhone. The voicemail application displays caller information and allows users to pick the order in which messages are played back instead of forcing you to hear messages in a sequential order.
Such features won't impress Citrix, which has been selling Visual Voicemail software since it acquired Net6 in 2004.

There's one caveat here - Citrix isn't making any comments and it's unknown by Reg if there's even an existing trademark for the name. Of course, even if there isn't, prior use comes in to the question and I'm sure they won't just let this slide. Oh boy.