Stock-overclocked parts being sold are still very rare, but are popping their heads up here and there. Alienware is releasing the next in their Area-51 series, the m5790 Special Edition notebooks, with an optional overclocked Core 2 Duo processor. With a stock clock of 1.66GHz or 2.33GHz (a hefty $800 between the two), there is an option to bump the latter up to a whopping 2.66GHz. That'll rely on Intel's T7600G, which is the first Intel CPU in a long time that will come partially unlocked, allowing the overclock.

Aside from that, the laptop has a host of features that make it worthy of any desktop, with options for GeForce Go 7600 or Radeon X1800/X1900, 256MB of RAM for each, a Blu-ray drive, dual 200GB drives and much more. Of course, all of that comes at the Alienware premium, and a fully loaded m5790 SE will run you over $4300. They will launch with Windows Vista, and as such won't be available until the end of this month.