Yesterday, we heard a bit from eBay on their recent successes, as well as their relative disappointment with Skype. Today, we learn that Skype has just beefed up their business offerings, adding several features that make Skype more attractive to many companies in deciding whether or not to make a switch. Particularly, they are adding more robust controls for online businesses and making the system easier to deploy on large scales:

New Skype for Business features include a simpler installation procedure that lets users deliver the calling service to multiple computers across corporate networks. Other changes include an online business control panel to help users manage VoIP calling and allocate various Skype credits.
Despite their massive surge in customers over the past year, Skype's growth is still considered “slow”. Given their current nature, however, businesses are likely their best bet for future success. The catch is, most businesses find it difficult or annoying to switch phone systems. Some other tools they are adding will also help change minds, such as integrating web conferencing services and application sharing, which many companies, such as Microsoft, have been trying to push for years.