If any doubt remained as to the validity of the recent cracking of HD-DVD and Blu-ray DRM, that doubt is now dispelled. The company behind the technology AACS LA, has made a public statement on their site regarding the circumvention, confirming it exists. While they claim it does not “represent on attack” on their technology, they do say it is a reminder to manufacturers to follow their guildeines:

Nevertheless, the consortium's statement asserted the "attack on one or more players sold by AACS licensees ... illustrates the need for the AACS licensees to follow the compliance and robustness rules set forth in the AACS license agreements to help ensure that product implementations are not compromised."
They are stating, more or less, that this is the disc player manufacturers faults – and that if they had done their job better, the circumvention wouldn't have been possible. Will the next iteration of players be harder to break or render the current methods obsolete? It's possible, and probable. The march against DRM continues.