More annoyances are surfacing as the launch of Vista enters its second day. Now, it seems that many who participated in the family discount program, Microsoft's attempt at giving a “bulk” discount to people who own several computers in a single home, have been issued invalid keys. On top of having a key that doesn't work, Microsoft currently has no fix for it, no plans to issue more keys and no word on when it will be fixed:

Microsoft says, “This is a known issue and has been escalated to the program manager.” When asked what could be done I was told, “I can take your name and number and call you back when there is a solution. If that is not acceptable, I can cancel your order and issue you a refund.” I was also told, “There is no expected time period for a fix at this time.”
It seems rather odd, to me, that the license keys are also tied in with any sort of volume discounts. Smaller issues of this sort have occurred in the past, and it has been Microsoft's stance then to simply issue replacement keys. Why isn't that being done for Vista?