Every few months, a new blurb from Optimus comes out, always full of promises. Lately, we've been informed that the company has put their OLED Displays for the Optimus 103 into production, which is just one step away from distribution and retail sales. If this is accurate and things go well for them, the long-awaited Optimus 103 keyboard might be out later this year:

”... We’ve chosen one manufacturer who will start producing OLEDs in January 2007,” Mr. Lebedev said back in December. On the 5th of February the studio chief said that they OLED screens have went into production and, considering production cycle of 8 to 10 weeks, the company will have them in April.
More manufacturing has to be done, including the keyboard chassis itself and its keys. They still are not giving any release dates and are shying away from price estimates.