EveR 2 Muse, a Korean female android, is set to undergo plastic surgery in the near future to change her appearance to resemble her previous model the EveR 1 Muse. This android stands 1.65m high and weighs about 60kg. She has an extraordinary life-alike look, is capable sitting and standing, can show eight facial expressions like boredom, anger, joy, sorrow and happiness, and if that’s not enough, to entertain you she can even sing.

“Unlike humanoids geared mainly toward developing a variety of functionalities, androids need to look good since they meet people face-to-face. Originally, I thought that EveR-2 is prettier than EveR-1 because the former looks like a real, flesh and blood human being while the latter looks like a doll,” said Baeg, who also crafted EveR-1. “But the public seems to disagree with me and has favored EveR-1. So we decided to conduct the facelift of EveR-2 while making its hands smaller.”

EveR 2 Muse is quite impressive, but Mr. Baeg and his research team feel there is still a long way to go. That’s why the have plans to upgrade the EveR series to EveR 4 by 2010, hoping this model will be further improve in many aspects.