Formerly known as the R600XTX, the new ATI/AMD Radeon X2800XTX will be a beast of a card. On top of having a full 1024MB of 512-bit GDDR4, the card will run at a blistering 750MHz core clock and a 2200MHz memory clock, making it the fastest (in terms of clock speed) card that ATI has ever produced. It'll be expensive, of course, at $600, but will have a lower cost brother (the X2800XTX2) that with half the memory and half the memory bandwidth comes in at $500

On top of these two units, they will also be introducing four other cards, such as the X2800XT, X2800XL and X2800GTO. Feathers have ruffled as Nvidia has dominated the market for a while now, likely in part due to the fallout from the ATI/AMD merger. These new cards are intended to compete with the 8800 series from Nvidia. Can we expect performance to be up to par? I doubt any of these cards will disappoint based on paper specs alone, but the hardware world is fickle.