The release of Mozilla Firefox 2 further expands the capabilities and features of this highly regarded Internet browser, proving that just because you are popular doesn't mean you should slack off. Some of the new and updated features include: a visual refresh, integrated phishing protection, browser session resuming, live Titles and JavaScript 1.7 support, among others.

Regardless of how you feel about Mozilla Firefox, it's quite fair to say that much of the change and innovation in Internet browsers in recent years has happened because of it. This guide goes through numerous configuration tips and tweaks for Firefox 2, covering all aspects of the browser such as the options menu, preferences, CSS customization, interface, extensions and more.

Additionally, a TechSpot first - mini-videos are now sprinkled throughout the guide, better illustrating some of the content and options to be selected (all created using the excellent CamStudio).

Read the complete guide here.

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