Even though Blu-ray and HD DVD are still bit players in the PC market, we've already seen various people emerge from behind the scenes to tackle the propietary DRM that both standards employ. Now, we're starting to see retail software that strips HDCP protection out of HD, providing a very simple step for those with older hardware not wishing to spend a fortune upgrading to view quality content. The creator of the software, Slysoft, made a statement regarding the merits of their new tool:

“Officially, the film industry and the AACS consortium is, of course, not very happy about this development. However, behind closed doors, they are likely pleased to have learned from past experiences with the CD and DVD that the users are now finally able to make unlimited use of this new medium HD DVD, i.e to enjoy his ‘fair-use rights’. It is expected that a real ‘boom’ will occur with HD-DVDs,” a statement by SlySoft reads.
And quite right they are. Could the hardware manufacturers see this as a threat? Would they go so far as to cripple retail software to prevent this sort of functionality? The consumers are already showing considerable backlash and disdain. This could get ugly!