Samsung may be injecting a boost into the graphics card market (which isn't lacking by any means, if you've seen the R600 or G80 based cards), with a presenation at the ISCC of new GDDR4. Revised from their original GDDR4 spec, the new chips use an 80nm process and are operating at 4GHz, making them the fastest video memory parts to date. They are still nothing more than experimental, but promise to deliver bandwidth of 16GB/sec, leaving plenty of room for video cards to nearly double or even triple their maximum throughput.

Roadmaps created years back depicted GDDR4 as scaling more gradually, with 2.8GHz parts this year and 4GHz parts towards the end of the decade. As the article brings out, if Samsung manages to get 4GHz parts out the door sooner than that it will significantly shorten that time.