The never-ending lawsuits just don't seem to be working out for SCO, who posted yet another loss for the quarter. This time, they lost around $1 Million. this is significantly less than last year in which they lost over four times that amount. They are citing shrinking UNIX sales as a big reason behind their drop in quarter to quarter revenue. Their business plan doesn't seem to be all that sound, though:

"The cost structure that we put into place at the end of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2006 as well as reduced litigation expenses allowed us to reduce both operating costs and cash used in the business," said Darl McBride, CEO at SCO. "We are committed to our Unix business, introducing new mobile services and defending our intellectual property rights through the legal system."
Shrinking your business and suing more people doesn't exactly seem like a long-term strategy to me, but nevertheless that is their intention. With all the efforts they put into trying to go after other companies using various UNIX-like software (notably IBM), it is somewhat unexpected that the amount of money they shelled out to lawyers this quarter dropped significantly too, now at less than a sixth of what it was.