While still offering no release dates (not even tentative) or even numbers on paper, AMD has cited some loose figures that put their next Quad-core CPU based on newer technology as a superior performer. Comparing it to the Xeon Clovertown core, they are claiming they will have performance gains in the area of 42% higher than Intel's server beast. Some are being more vague, but still citing improvements:

Mario Rivas, general manager of AMD's microprocessor group, said Barcelona will provide a double-digit leap in integer performance over the quad-core Xeon, though he declined to be more specific. Henri Richard, chief of sales and marketing at AMD, said Barcelona will have a significant integer performance lead over Intel's quad-core chips.
Could they possibly see another surge of success like they did with the Opteron? Considering the lengthy delays in getting it out, I doubt it, but to at least hear from them is somewhat encouraging. There's no doubt they've been slipping, both against Intel and against Nvidia.