The Xbox 360 continues as a steady pace, picking up more users every month. So, in turn, does Microsoft's Xbox Live service, which is to date the largest online gaming network for consoles. Now, Microsoft has announced that the service has reached six million users, which is roughly around 60% of the amount of 360's in the wild. They wouldn't reveal how many of those six million are paid accounts and how many are free accounts, though they are planning on expanding the service in the near future.

Reaching six million users came quite a bit earlier than they expected . At E3 2006, they claimed they would have six million before June of this year, and have hit it four months before then. Why the huge leap forward? Could the initial dismal performance of the PS3 have any bearing on it? Whatever the case, various other stats are included in the article regarding Live, such as over 70% of attached consoles downloading at least one game through Xbox Live Arcade.