Fujitsu announced its latest line of 7200RPM notebook drives a while back, but now the race is on as Seagate presents its new 2.5" 160GB 7200RPM hard disc drive sporting perpendicular recording technology. The Momentus 7200.2 has a SATA interface and a 3.0GB/s transfer rate as well as shock and free fall protection.

"The growing number of computer users turning to laptops as their primary PCs want every inch of capacity, performance and durability they enjoy in their desktop systems," said Seagate vice president and general manager Michael Wingert. "The new Momentus 7200.2 hard drive epitomizes Seagate's focus on delivering cutting-edge storage technologies that make it easier to move, use and protect digital information in the home, in the office and on-the-go."

The Momentus 7200.2 series will come in 80GB, 100GB, 120GB and 160GB densities with a suggested retail price of $188 for the 160GB unit.