A good chunk of interesting information regarding AMD's upcoming (and much delayed) R600 series of cards has been released, with a roadmap update. It looks like we'll see releases very soon, with the first of them coming this month. The beefiest card of the R600 release lot, the X2900XTX, will be here on March 30th, according to the article. However, supply issues and a host of other things could easily set it back, so don't hold your breath. A stepped down version, the X2900XT, is slated for a release in mid-April.

As we've seen before, these GDDR4 and GDDR3 sporting cards won't be anywhere near "compact", with the X2900XTX being a massive 9.5" long (with some OEM units supposedly being 12.5" long). The last time we saw cards of that size was from 3DFX, just before they went out of business. Let's hope R600's release is a good omen for AMD, not a bad one. Other specs such as power consumption are listed as well, and it looks like for a CrossFire config with the XTX you are looking at 450W draw for the cards alone - no lightweight, for sure.