A dual-core Core 2 Extreme, dual 7950 GTX GPUs in SLI, 3 SATA hard drives in 600GB of RAID0 - worthy enough to be a performance desktop, for sure. Surprisingly, this is all in a form factor much smaller than that. It's a notebook. Eurocom, the company that prides themselves on replacement workstations, is releasing this "Workstation-class" Gaming notebook, dubbed the Eurocom D900C Phantom, as more than just an alternative to a desktop. It won't be winning any battery life contests, barely able to achieve over an hour, but with the amount of horsepower it has available to it that's not its target market. The machine can be configured in other ways, such as with dual Quadros instead of dual GeForce Go, and could even be upgraded to an 8800 series card in the future.

It has numerous other goodies, such as an internal HDTV tuner. It's a heavy beast at nearly 12 pounds, but as a replacement desktop it seems quite solid. As for pricing or availability, the press release is a little light on information. You can read it in the comments section.