Less than two years separates analog televisions from nothingness, as the FCC's required transition bears down. In early 2009, when the analog spectrum used by cable companies is pulled, it could result in many people losing their analog stations. While simply upgrading to a digital TV or subscribing to a service that comes with a converter box would solve it, many people don't want to migrate or can't afford to. Many retailers are looking to capitalize on this, and have begun making generic analog to digital converters. Prices for these seem to be relatively low, with LG for instance pitching a $60 converter.

The switch also might see an increase in digital receives for computers, especially with media centers becoming so popular. While bad news for owners of analog TVs, the spectrum being freed is actually something many are looking forward to, such as the wireless community, who hopes the FCC frees up the band for WISP or WiFi use.