It's been a while since we've heard about Tyan's personal supercomputer line. Pitched at office environments, Tyan's PSC series has recently received a significant boost, with the most important upgrade being the CPU. They have now moved the system to the 50-watt quad-core Xeon. With each T-650 series PSC coming with 5 nodes, that gives it 40 cores per system running at 1.86GHz each. Consuming up to 1400W, it is actually fairly low power for such a large amount of processing capacity and is relatively quiet at 52dB.

It certainly isn't cheap, but compact power never is. The T-650 will start at around $20,000. This is not too far out of the range of most small businesses or small research or development labs, which are the most likely candidate for mini supercomputers. It would be interesting to see how well sales of these units fare.