The RIAA has faced a few choice losses the past year with people more and more willing to fight back, and recently has faced yet another setback. While they initially agreed to drop a suit against Patti Santangelo, they did such only with the option of being able to sue her again in the future. It was two years ago now that they first began attacking her, but are now finding themselves at the bad end of a lose-lose situation:

Ray Beckerman is reporting that Judge Colleen McMahon has denied the RIAA's motion to dismiss the case without prejudice, ruling that the case must either proceed to trial or be dismissed with prejudice.
If the case goes to trial, it'll be eerily similar to another one they fought, and lost, just a few months ago. If they don't go to trial, they risk the lady coming back and demanding they pay for her fees. Sometimes, filing thousands of lawsuits against as many people as possible as fast as possible isn't the best way to go about solving a problem. This all comes despite the record industry as a whole still seeing tremendous profits. Could the relentless RIAA end up getting tangled in its own web of legal papers?