Enthusiasts beware, Nvidia and eVGA have released a warning over the use of high-speed DDR2 modules with the Nvidia 680i SLI chipsets. While the chipset itself is not to blame, it seems the stock voltage of these extremely fast DIMMs can actually cause damage to the memory:

"NVIDIA has investigated end user reports of high performance DIMM failures on the NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI-based platforms ... we believe that the observed failure is a breakdown of the silicon in the DRAM caused by the prolonged application of 2.4V on the voltage rails of the DIMMs."
While all overclockers are aware of the potential damage to their systems when operating out of spec, it's a very rare (and possibly upsetting) thing to have hardware fail when used at stock settings. Luckily, just about any performance memory manufacturer is going to give you a lifetime warranty - and there's no reason why they shouldn't honor it, particularly since only the higher-end Nvidia chipsets are currently rated to work with RAM this fast. The warning does not specify whether it is only eVGA motherboards or all 680i based boards, but most likely is the latter.