Intel is adding another iteration of the Centrino label to their lineup, dubbing the version simply "Pro". Centrino Pro will be a label for platforms based upon Santa Rosa and must include a Core 2 Duo processor with VT support, 800MHz FSB, the 965 chipset and Intel's Active Management Technology 2.5. AMT, which has not seen much use to date, increases the robustness and management of a system by storing certain parts of a systems configuration in flash memory, which can then later be retrieved in the event the system should fail. It has other functionality too, such as automated quarantining of compromised machines.

Centrino Pro must also include an Intel gigabit ethernet controller and Intel's 4965AGN wireless chipset. As you can imagine, that chipset supports A, B and G wireless networks as well as pre-N networks. Centrino Pro is expected to launch this quarter.