Gaim Instant Messenger client become Pidgin after settling name dispute with AOL. "Many years ago when this project was first started, it was called "GTK+ AOL Instant Messenger." AOL naturally complained."

Lenovo most eco-friendly tech firm - Chinese computer maker Lenovo has topped the 2007 ranking of the world's most eco-friendly electronics firms by surging ahead of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Dell, and Samsung. Apple Inc. has been given the last slot among the 14 international firms that were surveyed. Hindustan Times.

Intel Readies Merom-L Core - In a bid to make manufacturing of Celeron M 500 CPUs economically more efficient, Intel will introduce a shrunk-down core in the near future. Dailytech.

Corel updates WinDVD to stop AACS hackers - The update is being issued to address the recent cracks that have extracted volume and title keys from AACS-protected Blu-ray and HD DVD titles. Arstechnica.

Sony to abandon chip-development triad - Sony, Toshiba and NEC Electronics said in February 2006 they would co-develop technologies to make system chips with circuitry width of 45 nanometers, sharing hefty costs and pooling technological expertise.

AOL To Open Ad Market Using Google Technology - The AdWords deal focuses on the marketing benefits to the AOL community using coordinated search and display campaigns. Information Week.

Cable laid for U.S. deep-sea observatory - A 52-km cable was put in place along the sea floor of California's Monterey Bay, marking an important step in the construction of a deep-sea observatory off the United State's continent. Xinhua.

Microsoft gains tech computing toehold - Microsoft is showing some early signs of success with a version of Windows geared for a technical computing market that Linux dominates today.