AMD's CPU lineup has gone under a facelift, bringing mirth and merriment to fans of the A64 series. Across the board, a price cut has been issued, with prices falling as much as $200 or even higher for the higher end CPUs. The fastest Athlon 64 FX units saw the biggest cuts, with the FX-64 and FX-72 both dropping by $200 each. The X2 line saw even bigger cuts, with the X2 6000+ going from $464 to $241, nearly halving its price. Many other X2s dropped into more affordable territory, and many are now in the "entry level" price bracket, with the 3600+ and 3800+ being under $100, and some of the Sempron series falling under $50.

Despite the good news of price cuts, the upgrade path for early adopters is quickly getting shut off. No more Socket 754 CPUs are appearing on AMD's pricing list, and less than a handful of Socket 939 CPUs are included, leaving only the newer Socket AM2 or Socket F. Several of the older gen CPUs have also been discontinued, such as the Socket 754 3000+ and 3400+.