Last year, Microsoft went after the FairUse4WM tool, hoping to shut its production down as well as pursue the developer of the software. They filed a lawsuit against "Viodentia", but now have decided to withdraw it. Despite the fact the tool is still in use, Microsoft is backing down. Why? they can't find the person in question:

Please take notice that plaintiff Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft") respectfully dismisses all of its claims, without prejudice, against John Does 1-10 a/k/a "viodentia." Microsoft was unable to locate these defendants through discovery and therefore could not serve them with process.
Does this have something to do with Microsoft also looking to enter the DRM-free music market which Apple is claiming to be so fond of? Or perhaps they evaluated how much they were "losing" by people stripping DRM from music. Either way, while it's a slight boost for consumer rights, it doesn't mean they won't file another suit against another person who tries to unlock content. DRM may be hated, but it's still everywhere.