Google will be happy to learn your Internet habits, with your permission of course - Web History helps deliver more personalized search results based on what you've searched for on Google and which sites you've visited.

While this may prove useful as long as you go along the privacy issues this could raise, it just got me thinking how powerful Google's server infrastructure must be to be able to offer this kind of thing on a per user basis, really impressive. Google Web History.

Days numbered for tax-free Net sales: A powerful alliance of politicians is arguing that out-of-state retailers must be required to charge sales taxes on purchases.

The Wal-Mart $299 HD DVD player on the way? Wal-Mart just threw down some serious green for a batch of Chinese-made HD DVD players. Engadget.

Microsoft: Samsung Deal Could Improve Xbox, Zune - The patent agreement that Microsoft and Samsung Electronics signed Thursday morning will be used to enhance Microsoft's consumer electronics hardware with Samsung's CE knowhow, Microsoft executives said. PCMag.