Laser technology has been around for many years now. Sony first started producing laser diodes in 1986. Today, they proudly told the world they have hit the 2 billion milestone in laser diode shipments. They also pointed out that since they started blue-violet laser diode production, they have shipped 1.7 million units. Sony expects to keep up with this demand in the future:

There has recently been a rapid increase in blue-violet laser diode demand, for use in devices such as Blu-ray Disc players or game consoles. To meet this demand, Sony has already installed front-end wafer process equipment capable of producing 5 million blue-violet laser diodes (BD playback-only equivalent) per month. Sony Shiroishi will strengthen its post-process assembly capacity depending on future demand.
They also mention that production of their new high power 240mw diodes will begin in November, supposedly the new units will have the same price as their current 170mw diodes.