Many iBook G4 users became bitter when their fancy notebooks would suddenly fail to function, the screen going black and nothing ever happening again. Much to their dismay, Apple would claim there is no manufacturing defect in the unit and therefore it would not be repaired if the default warranty had expired. That may change, it seems, as an independent third party has confirmed that indeed there is a manufacturing defect in those notebooks. Unfortunately, this currently only applies to people living in Denmark, since that is where the study took place:

The Consumer Complaints Board now has documentation showing that there really is a design fault. In April, the Consumer Complaints Board decided therefore that Danish consumers must be able to return computers with this fault to Apple. Apple Computer International has already settled a number of cases in Denmark on the basis of the investigation report.
What will Apple's next step be? Doubtless there are many who have already had their laptops repaired at their expense, due to what is apparently now a fault of Apple. Will Apple reimburse these people? Will they begin to accept the machines in for repair or replacement? Or, will they instead choose the dirty path and continue to say there is no manufacturing defect, letting anyone who doesn't live in Denmark deal with it on their own.