Today, HP announced the release of two PCs configurable with an optional combo drive capable of reading both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats as well as writing onto Blu-ray discs. The two models offering the drive, the Pavilion Media Center m8010y and the Pavilion d4890y will be configurable initially only through the online store. The PCs are the first announced to feature LG's Super Multi Blue Blu-ray Disc Rewriter and HD DVD-ROM Drive, the GGW-H10N.

HP is a known supporter of both next-gen formats, and while hybrid drives will appeal to most consumers looking to add a HD drive to their computers it will probably come at a high cost, although no pricing details have been revealed yet. Among other configurable features announced by HP, consumers will be able to select ATI's TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner with CableCard interface as well; adding high definition recording capabilities to their media center PCs. HP is expected to start offering these models starting May 9.