OCZ has recently issued a press release announcing the availability of the first ever AM2 optimized memory kit. Aimed primarily at enthusiasts and people with high-demand apps (like CAD), OCZ has geared these modules to have very specific configurations. The "PC2-5400 Titanium" modules include various performance boost alterations, primarily in how the RAM is accessed and how paging functions:

Unlike modules based on standard 10-bit column address chips with an "8k" page size, the new Titanium AM2 Special modules take advantage of the AM2 controller's feature set and provide a single rank solution with 2GB density using "16k" pages. This allows the controller to stay "in page" twice as long compared to standard memory architectures, thereby achieving unparalleled performance.
One thing that drew attention to PCs in ages past was interchangeability. No matter what platform you were on, it was often easy to swap or substitute components from other machines. For better or worse, those days seem to be waning, as platforms, from chipset to processor to GPU, are becoming more monopolized. Would AM2-Optimized RAM really make enough of a difference to make up for that, on top of pricing?