Patch Tuesday has come and gone, with Microsoft releasing a behemoth 19 security flaws. Six flaws alone were fixed for Internet Explorer, and three were included for Office. There are also fixes on the server side, with a patch for Exchange. It seems more frequently that zero-day exploits are being exposed, and Microsoft committing to their slow rate of patching despite potential compromising. Several of those known flaws were fixed with today's release, but more remain:

Among Microsoft's updates are fixes for a trio of zero-day vulnerabilities. This includes an expected patch for a flaw in the Windows domain name system, or DNS. The vulnerability affects Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003. Microsoft warned of the problem last month and has said it was being used in "limited" attacks.
If you are using automatic updates, you should already have the patches downloaded. If not, it's a good to go snag them.