APCMag.com has posted an extensive interview with Mozilla's Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker, where they talk, among other topics, about Mozilla's future plans to adapt the Firefox browser to mobile devices. This move is long overdue if you ask me, keeping in mind the increasingly popularity of mobile devices and Opera's already leading position in that area.

The Mozilla Foundation's mission in life is to improve Internet experience and that is increasingly on devices other than PCs. If we're not there then we won't be able to live the kind of vision that we helped grow...
... We are also looking at how to reflect the richness of the entire web on a small device with the current constraints and that one we don't know. There is no easy answer for that because the web is growing and the functionalities of the web are growing. We're looking closely at that one.

According to Baker, this will be a long-term move as they are still working on experiments rather than an actual piece of software or a product strategy, so we shouldn't expect a mobile variant of Firefox anytime soon. Be sure to read the full interview as it goes through other interesting topics like the beginnings of Firefox, the relationship between Microsoft and Mozilla, and the 'Web 3.0'.