Red Hat will be pushing Linux to new corners of the world, with the unveiling of a new desktop Linux product. Don't expect to be seeing it in your corner of the world, however, as they are crafting a particularly niche product aimed specifically at governments and small businesses that are in emerging markets. In particular, it's a project not dissimilar from their work with the OLPC project, aiming to place the OS on a low cost machine:

Red Hat Global Desktop is geared for customers including governments and small businesses in emerging markets. Intel is a partner in the design and distribution of the software, which is geared specifically for several Intel PC designs dubbed Classmate, Affordable, Community and Low-Cost for emerging-nation customers.
It's a bit of a focus-shift for the company, who is primarily known for their server products and services. They may, however, offer it in other markets in the future. Going further, it may be a way for them to get a foothold in markets that Microsoft cannot or isn't paying attention to yet. At the same time, the company hasn't forgotten their core, and is prepping a new iteration of RHEL designed to be easier to administer and make secure. There is definitely a lot brewing with them, which bodes well for further adoption of Linux in various environments.