Users of the popular Google Earth map software might get another goodie to avoid work and kill some time at the computer. As reported by BBC News, a Californian company called Wild Sanctuary has over 3,500 hours of soundscapes from all over the world and is in talks with Google to associate it with location data on Google Earth, although no official agreement has yet been made.

Dr Krause has spent the last 40 years collecting sounds, and his recordings include more than 15,000 animal noises, and sounds from a huge array of habitats, including cities, deserts, mountains and the marine environment.
It is the largest library in existence of natural sound, he said.
He said the idea would be to zoom-in on a particular area and then have the option to listen to the accompanying sound.

The software is supposedly to be presented on May 29th at the Where 2.0 conference, and if successful Wild Sanctuary would also like to use Google Earth show how sounds change with time.