If you're a 360 owner, you may be one of the many that were irked by the poor color output of its VGA port. Especially on CRTs, the colors often appeared washed out in comparison to component input. The 360 is designed by default to work with newer TVs. Because of this, color issues arose. However, Microsoft has quietly addressed this with their Spring Update for Dashboard. Now, the color quality more matches what it should. Why they wouldn't boldly advertise said fix is unknown. Apparently, all it took was a software patch to adjust the issue:

However, due to the fact that most HDTVs manufacturers expect that VGA inputs are for use with PCs rather than the Xbox 360, most televisions have its IRE for VGA at zero to accommodate a PC video card's output. The result of this is that while the Xbox 360 is sending out a 7.5 IRE for calling for black, the HDTV is interpreting that as a call for something less than black, like a pleasant shade of grey.
The difference is quite noticeable in screenshots of games, and apparently is even moreso in movies. As consoles become more modular and more like a PC, it is nice to know manufacturers are willing to modify them as time goes on to address issues. I certainly don't recall ever being able to update the firmware on my SNES.